Fully customized weight & balance and performance apps

Sometimes the perfect solution can be hard to find. If you have been struggling with finding a solution that meets all your requirements, Gyronimo's customized app development could just be the end of your search.


Gyronimo is specialized in customized software development and EFB solutions for Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA), Airborne Law Enforcement (ALE), Aerial Work, Offshore Operations, Business Aviation and Tour Operators.


Time consuming tasks such as weight & balance, performance computations and risk assessment can now be done in just a few moments using our PRO apps. Your paperwork is ready to share in no time.


We design unique apps for your individual requirements. No matter if you have only a single aircraft or an entire fleet. 

Our Custom App Development Services:

  • Weight and balance for highly specialized and complex interior

  • Multiple interior configurations with variable equipment lists

  • Complex performance computations

  • Professional load manifest with company relevant data

  • Crew and bases lists

  • Advanced mission and medical equipment management

  • Flight log (a digital version of your current paper flight log)

  • Risk Assessment with custom questionnaire and OPS control

  • Document Viewer (manuals, charts, NOTAMs etc)

  • Dispatch, Flight Planning (immediate data exchange between iPad  and dispatcher/flight OPS) 

  • NVG filter option

  • Connection with Fleet Control online database / cloud service

  • License Management

Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA)
Search & Rescue

The customized Gyronimo Flight Pad has been developed to save precious time during preflight and to get your emergency crew in the air quicker.


Select various HEMS specific interior configurations such as single and double stretcher, Isolette, Neonate, Balloon Pump etc. Use our advanced equipment list to load and unload all kind of medical equipment. Items can be assigned to specific interior.

Airborne Law Enforcement

The Gyronimo Flight Pad is an essential instrument for airborne law enforcement pilots. It is designed to save your team precious time when it comes to flight preparation.


The Flight Pad is totally customizable for all air support division requirements and compute weight & balance for various maritime and police mission configurations including equipment, search lights, FLIR system, hoist load and more.

Aerial Work Offshore Operations

The customized Gyronimo Flight Pad is an excellent tool for all providers of aerial work, power line construction, agricultural work, heavy lifting, fire fighting and offshore operations.

Special aerial work interior configurations also feature Skid-Work, cargo boards, utility baskets, aerial filming equipment, water tanks and many more. The Flight Pad considers different hoist and external load CG envelopes, extended gross weight and aux fuel tanks.

Business Aviation Tour Operators

The Gyronimo Flight Pad is the perfect EFB solution for business aviation and tour operators.


All Flight Pad apps are connected with our online database Fleet Control to manage helicopter and crew data. Optional features such as Document Viewer, Risk Assessment Tool, Flight Dispatch and Flight Logs can be added on request. The Flight Pad can contain all kind of performance computations.

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