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The easiest way to get started with Flight Pad

Perfect for flight students, private pilots and CFIs

Gyronimo Flight Pad app weight & balance computation
Try all aircraft in our library - free of charge

Check out all our aircraft models. Create various scenarios and compare them. A great feature for students and CFIs

Over 120 aircraft variant available, more to follow soon. 

Purchase Aircraft Categories

Some of the aircraft in our library do not feature performance computations, others do and are more complex. Therefore we created price categories so that you pay only for what you really need. Scroll down for more info on categories.

Option to Increase Your Fleet

Per default you can unlock one aircraft to edit BEW data and callsign and you can do five 'copies' of that aircraft, for example if you fly three different Cessna 172S then you just need to pay for one aircraft. However, you can also increase your fleet up to five different aircraft via In-App-Purchase

Custom Interior Items

Flight Pad Basic offers the ability to add two custom items to each configuration. So you can easily add a seat or a box, helicopter basket, search light or any other item you might use.

To Get Started...

Just download Flight Pad, watch the Intro Video and/or read our Flight Pad Quick Guide
Gyronimo Flight Pad app start screen

In-App-Purchase Options / Pricing

Aircraft Category 1 - USD 4.99 / year
  • One aircraft variant from Category 1

  • Save up to 5 different call signs, BEWs and moments

  • Weight & balance available for all aircraft

  • Performance computations not included in this category

  • Professional Load Manifest

  • Digital Signature

  • Landscape and Portrait Mode

  • Add Custom Item - Option

Aircraft Category 2 - USD 9.99 / year
  • One aircraft variant from Category 1 and/or 2

  • All features from Category 1 plus:

  • Selected Performance Computations 

       (Takeoff, landing, climb, cruise)

Aircraft Category 3 - USD 14.99 / year
  • One aircraft variant from Category 1,2 and/or 3

  • All features from Category 1 plus:

  • Selected Performance Computations 

       (Takeoff, landing, climb, cruise)

Aircraft Category 4 - USD 19.99 / year
  • One aircraft variant from Category 1,2,3 and/or 4

  • All features from Category 1 plus:

  • Advanced Performance Computations 

       (HIGE, HOGE, Vne, Manifold Pressure etc)

Aircraft Category 5 - USD 59.99 / year
  • One aircraft variant from Category 1,2,3,4 and/or 5

  • All features from Category 1 plus:

  • Support for more complex performance or interior

Increase Fleet To 3 - USD 9.99 / year
  • Select and unlock up to 3 different aircraft variants 

Increase Fleet To 5 - USD 19.99 / year
  • Select and unlock up to 5 different aircraft variants 


Get Flight Pad Customized For Your Operations

Intended for larger fleets and complex tasks

Gyronimo Flight Pad app weight & balance computation
Custom Interior Configurations

Whether HEMS, VIP or Utility, we can create any interior configuration according to your specifications. 

Custom Performance Computations

Flight Pad can compute any performance chart from your operating handbook. Also engine power checks, helicopter CAT-A and PC2 computations can be integrated.

Manager all your Aircraft via Fleet Control

Flight Pad Professional is connected to our online cloud service called Fleet Control. In Fleet Control you can manage aircraft-, crew and equipment lists as well as documents, risk assessments and engine data.

Mobile Device Management

In addition to username and password we can secure Flight Pad with a special user key. Keys can be enabled or revoked to control who is using Flight Pad.


Depending on the integrated options, Flight Pad Professional can be EASA, CAA, FOCA or FAA (Part 135) compliant. We will support your certification process with proven methods. 

To Get Started...

Please download Flight Pad and enter 'demo' for username and password. 
Please contact us to clarify details for your customizations in Flight Pad. Thank you.
Gyronimo Flight Pad app aircraft list

Further Information about the Professional Version:

If you operate a larger fleet or manage a flight school, setting up all your aircrafts within your Gyronimo apps and keep them up to date and synchronized with each other, becomes quite a task.


Using Fleet Control you ensure that all your pilots and your ground crew are on the same level. Fleet Control has an easy to use and intuitive user interface. It allows you to enter and manage crew, aircraft, mission equipment and documents from any desktop computer, iPad or tablet PC with an internet connection.

Packages for Flight Schools

Flight Schools Packages with reduced pricing enable flight schools to manage helicopter data such as call signs, BEW and moments from any computer and send them to your students and instructors Flight Pad apps. This ensures that all pilots in your flight school are working with the same aircraft data.Please contact us to learn more about this opportunity and discuss details.

from $29/month

helicopter doing aerial work
Robinson R22 helicopter
Diamond DA42 aircraft