The "Export as pdf" (Load manifest page) function doesn't show any options anymore

This bug has been corrected with the recent app update 4.9.1. Solution: Update the Flight Pad app to 4.9.1

Aircraft setup and Setup page (gear symbol): Unit selections are hidden (only metric or imperial is shown)

In iOS 12, the Flight Pad app featured clearly-visible selection buttons for either imperial or metric units, and you could also choose to show fuel in mass or volume. This choice seems to have disappeared with iOS 13. In fact, the selection buttons are still there, but the unselected button is now black. We are working on an update to correct this bug.
Temporary solution: Tap into the black either to the right or to the left of the displayed unit and you will see that the other unit appears.
This bug has been corrected with the recent app update 4.9.3. Solution: Update the Flight Pad app to 4.9.3

The Load Manifest appears blank without any entries apart from the graphics.

This was an issue when you have "Dark Mode" enabled in your iPad settings. This bug has been fixed with update 4.9.1 Solution: Update your Flight Pad app to 4.9.1

Performance Pad Robinson apps: App crashes when scrolling through the RFM pdf files

This bug has been reported to us and will be fixed in the upcoming update (Gyronimo Tim Tucker Performance Pad for the R22 Beta/Beta II, R44 Astro/Raven, R44 Raven II, R44 Cadet, R66 Pro)

iOS 13 problems

How to fix issues in Flight Pad that appeared after update to iOS 13

If you’ve run into problems that seem to be related to iOS 13 and are not listed above, please email us to and we will do our best to fix theses bugs asap.