Gyronimo was founded in 2012 by helicopter and fixed wing pilot Claus Richter. During his commercial check ride he realized the need for a tool to quickly compute performance and weight & balance data to assist student and professional pilots alike.


Gyronimo’s first app was the Performance Pad for the Robinson R44 helicopter and it was the first of its kind in the Apple App Store and as such a world premiere. Motivated by the success and many requests by other pilots we started to develop custom app solutions for complex aircraft and large operators with special demands. 

Today Gyronimo has released over 150 custom weight & balance and performance apps with thousands of aircraft and pilots registered worldwide. Our apps are assisting operators with small and large aircraft fleets and complex equipment structures for air ambulance, law enforcement, aerial work, offshore and onshore business operations or military setups. Among our clients are operators such as Rega Air Rescue Switzerland, Los Angeles Fire and Police Department, Maryland State Police, TOLL Australia, Babcock, PHI Air Medical and aircraft manufactures such as Robinson Helicopters, Erickson Aircrane and MD Helicopters.


Gyronimo apps are now in use for over 70% of all commercial helicopters in Switzerland and almost all newly registered police helicopters in Germany. Our app solutions can be approved by local authorities such as FAA(FSDO), CAA, FOCA or LBA to be integrated in our clients electronic flight bags. 

Our goal is to continue improving our technologies and to offer the world leading system for preflight planning specialized on what we do best: Weight & Balance and Performance for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. 

Claus Richter - Pilot & Founder of Gyronimo


Claus loves aviation and photography as well as living as a digital nomad. He learned to fly in Arizona, worked as cinematographer in Munich and London then moved to Hawaii to become a commercial helicopter pilot. Claus then founded Gyronimo in 2012 and published the 'Robinson R44 Performance Pad' which was the first app of its kind. Later on he added apps for fixed wing aircraft and designed professional software solutions for HEMS and law enforcement operations.





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