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Gyronimo offshore solutions
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Your Professional EFB Solution

Flight Pad & Fleet Control

Weight & Balance, Performance, Risk Assessment, Flight Plan, Dispatch

Flight Pad PRO

Flight Pad with PRO-Account

Flight Pad PRO features a modular system for implementing special requirements that formerly were only available in fully custom apps.

The app enables aviation operators to easily manage their entire fleet, consisting of different aircraft types and variants, within one single app. This saves time and enhances operational accuracy.

Depending on the integrated options, Flight Pad PRO can be EASA, CAA, FOCA or FAA (Part 135) compliant. We will support your certification process with proven methods. 

We can implement any performance computation from your operating handbook as well as engine power checks, helicopter CAT-A and PC2 calculations.

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Gyronimo provides the most advanced
performance computation software available

From takeoff distances to advanced helicopter CAT-A.
We can cover your requirements.

Fleet Control overview

Fleet Control: Manage your operations online

Fleet Control and Flight Pad are both part of your PRO-account. In Fleet Control you manage helicopter and crew data, edit equipment packages, Risk Assessment forms and prepare dispatch data. The data will then be sent to all your iPads running the Flight Pad app.

- Aircraft Registrations

- Crew Data

- Equipment Lists

- Documents

- Risk Assessment Forms

- Dispatch Data

Fleet Control Features:


Flight Pad PRO Options

- Custom Interior Configurations

- Custom Performance Computations

- Manage aircraft data via Fleet Control

- EASA / FAA (Part 135) compliant

- Certification option for EFB Integration

- Equipment Management

- Special features for HEMS operations 

- Risk Assessment

- Integrated Document Viewer
- Flight Dispatch System

- Flight Plan


Try a demo today

Download 'Gyronimo Flight Pad' from the Apple App Store. On start enter 'demo23' for username and password. The demo mode contains helicopter and fixed wing aircraft.
H125 performance
Custom Interior Configurations

Whether HEMS, VIP or Utility, we can create any interior configuration according to your specifications. 

Custom Performance Computations

Flight Pad PRO can compute any performance chart from your operating handbook. Also engine power checks, helicopter CAT-A and PC2 computations can be integrated.

Manage all your Aircraft via Fleet Control

Flight Pad PRO is connected to our online cloud service called Fleet Control. In Fleet Control you manage aircraft-, crew and equipment lists as well as documents, risk assessments and engine data.

Mobile Device Management

In addition to username and password we can secure Flight Pad PRO with a special user key. Keys can be enabled or revoked to control who is using your company devices.


Depending on the integrated options, Flight Pad PRO can be EASA, CAA, FOCA or FAA (Part 135) compliant. We will support your certification process with proven methods. 


Operating Tours / VIP / Charter

Using Gyronimo Dispatch, you can prepare flights in Fleet Control. Your pilots can download the flights to their iPads and preflight quickly and efficiently.

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Custom apps
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Custom app development

Flight Pad PRO is a very versatile and flexible tool. However, you may have unique workflows or special requirements that we can not cover with Flight Pad PRO. In this case we design a custom app, tailored to your needs.

We have created over one hundred custom apps so far and we look forward to designing the proper application for your operations as well.


Contact us for an estimate for a Flight Pad PRO or custom app development 

Thank you for sending us a message. We will contact you shortly.

Thank you for choosing Gyronimo!

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