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Current Status: Fleet Control Server

Status: OK.

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Current Status: Apple iOS compatibility

Compatibility testing between the Gyronimo Flight Pad app and iPadOS 17.4.1

is complete and we didn’t find any issues. Feel free to update at your convenience.

Should you experience any problems, please contact us.


  • "Performance Data Not Found" bug has been fixed. Please update to Flight Pad version 8.3
    If you are using the Gyronimo Flight Pad app for your fixed wing aircraft, you may have recently seen an error warning that certain performance data are missing. This bug has been fixed with app version 8.3. If you have updated to 8.3, load new aircraft and still see this pop-up window, just press ok and it will disappear.
  • I am experiencing some issues with Flight Pad after I have updated to the latest iOS/iPad OS version
    In general, when Apple introduces a major iOS operating system update (e.g. iOS 13 to iOS/iPad OS 14), we always recommend waiting until Apple has released its first fix (e.g. iOS 14.1). You will find the current compatibility status on top of our support page.
  • The Flight Pad app doesn't run properly on my iPad 11 Pro and iPad Air 4th generation or newer
    Please update to Flight Pad version 7.0.7 or higher in order to avoid issues with the screen size and availability of features.
  • The Load Manifest appears blank without any entries apart from the graphics.
    This was an issue when you have "Dark Mode" enabled in your iPad settings. This bug has been fixed with update 4.9.1 Solution: Update your Flight Pad app to 4.9.1
  • The "Export as pdf" (Load manifest page) function doesn't show any options anymore"
    This bug has been corrected with the recent app update 4.9.1. Solution: Update the Flight Pad app to 4.9.1
  • Aircraft setup and Setup page (gear symbol): Unit selections are hidden (only metric or imperial is shown)
    In iOS 12, the Flight Pad app featured clearly-visible selection buttons for either imperial or metric units, and you could also choose to show fuel in mass or volume. This choice seems to have disappeared with iOS 13. In fact, the selection buttons are still there, but the unselected button is now black. We are working on an update to correct this bug. Temporary solution: Tap into the black either to the right or to the left of the displayed unit and you will see that the other unit appears. This bug has been corrected with the recent app update 4.9.3. Solution: Update the Flight Pad app to 4.9.3
  • Performance Pad Robinson apps: App crashes when scrolling through the RFM pdf files
    This bug has been reported to us and will be fixed in the upcoming update (Gyronimo Tim Tucker Performance Pad for the R22 Beta/Beta II, R44 Astro/Raven, R44 Raven II, R44 Cadet, R66 Pro)
  • Performance Pad app: If you see 'app needs to be updated' after updating to iOS 14.6
    If you update to iOS 14.6 and your Gyronimo Performance Pad app displays a message that it needs to be updated, please delete the app from your iPad and re-install it via your App Store app (App Store app > Purchased) The issue with the apps installed from the AppStore were caused by the AppStore failing to install the app or update properly. Even though the app appears on the homescreen, the iOS update may have damaged the Performance Pad app. Deleting the App and installing from scratch again should solve the issue. If you are using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, please contact your MDM provider how to re-install the Performance pad app on your iPad.
  • How do I use Gyronimo Flight Pad for my own aircraft?
    You’ll first need to enter the basic data for your fixed wing or helicopter before you can fully take advantage of the weight and balance features. Our apps do have default values for the basic empty weight. Of course in real life every aircraft has a different BEW.
  • Is there a user manual or video tutorial for the new Flight Pad app?
    Yes, we provide a Flight Pad Quick Guide. Please scroll down to our product brochures. For custom and Flight Pad PRO Account clients, we have prepared a special user guide. Please contact us, we will gladly send you our 'Custom Flight Pad User Guide' on request.
  • The aircraft that I fly is not available in the aircraft library. Can you add it?
    In the long term we are planning to add as many fixed wing and helicopter types into our standard app program as possible. Apps will be built in order of priority, which is based on the popularity of our aircraft wish list. We do offer semi- and fully customized app developments. That means we modify the Flight pad app app for your specific model, various configurations and missions, e.g. EMS, police, business, utility etc. The cost vary greatly with the amount of performance computations and required features, so please just contact us to get a quote. You can find more information about our customized app developments on our Customized page.
  • Why don't your apps run on older iPads?
    iPad 1 (original iPad/1st generation): All Gyronimo apps require iOS 8 or later which can’t be installed on the first generation iPad. iPad 2 & iPad Mini (first generation): Due to multiple simultanious computations which require a lot of memory, some of our apps may crash on older iPads or take a very long time to respond. We therefore recommend iPads as of 2016 or newer to avoid disappointment.
  • The app crashes when I try to send the load manifest after I have signed it
    Most likely this is an Apple Mail issue. On your iPad, please check Settings > Mail > Accounts and make sure that the data in your email accounts are correct incl password, incoming and outgoing mail server etc. Double check if the account is active and has been verified.
  • Can I change the weight and fuel units from metric to imperial and vice versa?
    Yes, you can change the units on the fly, Just go to the SETUP page (the gear symbol) and toggle between kg and lbs / liter and gallons. Fuel units can optionally be entered as volume or mass.
  • I have some non-fixed gear such as heli baskets, bear paws, snow ski, etc.   How can I consider these items in the app?"
    You can create "Custom Stations" in the Flight Pad such as extra seats, heli baskets, external load hook etc. To do so, open "Configurations" and then on "Edit Configurations". Then tap on the blue "Edit Custom Stations" button. Enter a station name, weight and arm. By tapping on the seat symbol, you can choose from a variety of symbols. Save your entry with "Add this station". "Custom Stations" is a basic and free of charge way to add additional items. However, if you use these items frequently, we recommend a custom upgrade with fast on/off switches and load sliders. Contact us for a free estimate for a Flight Pad with PRO account upgrade.
  • Robinson R44 Raven II: Can I use this app for the CLIPPER II?
    Yes, all you need to do is set the BEW of your helicopter. To do so, click on “Table View” on the W&B page and input your data.
  • Performance Pad/Tim Tucker app for Robinson R22, R44 Raven II and Raven: How do I change the call sign, BEW and moments?"
    1. Go to the “Helicopter” page. The first helicopter in the list is marked as ACTIVE. Tap into the white field in the same row and enter your call sign. Confirm your entry with “Return”. 2. Go to the Weight & Balance page and open the Table View (grey button in the lower right corner). For the R44 Raven/Astro & R22 Beta/Beta II app: Tap into the white BEW field and enter your weight. Confirm with “Return”. then tap into the white “Arm” field and enter your long arm. Again, confirm with “Return”. 3. Tap on the grey “Lateral” button right next to Longitudinal and repeat these steps for your lateral arm. Moments will be calculated automatically. For the R44 Raven II app: Tap into the yellow BEW field and enter your weight. Confirm your entry with “Return”. Then tap into the yellow Moments field and enter your long moment. Again, confirm with “Return”. 4. Return to the “Helicopter”page. The first helicopter marked as ACTIVE has saved your BEW, arms and moments. You can now save up to 10 helicopters using this method. To save a new call sign with different BEW and moments, load another helicopter by tapping on the “Load” button which will change to “Active”. You can now enter a new call sign and then repeat the steps in the table view on the Weight & Balance page. Don’t forget to confirm with “Return”. Once you are done with entering all your call signs, you can activate each call sign with the according BEW, moments and arms on the “Helicopter” page. Note: In the R22 Beta/Beta Performance Pad, you can also switch between Beta and Beta II and between standard and bladder tanks on the helicopter page. Please review our Robinson Helicopters video tutorials for more information. You can also add custom items (like a heli basket, search light, floats etc).
  • I have bought a new iPad (or reinstalled my device). How can I restore my Flight Pad subscriptions?
    You can restore older Flight Pad subscriptions. On the main page, please tap on the blue “Purchase Categories” button, then select “Restore Older Purchases”. After a couple of seconds you should see a message “Restore is completed successfully”. Please be mindful that all Apple purchases are bound to the Apple ID, not to the device. So, when you try to install or run an app, the iOS checks to see if the device you're running it on is logged into the Apple ID used to buy it originally. So make sure to use the same Apple ID on your new iPad (after the reinstallation).
  • How can I rotate the inner wheel (heading/course) on the classic E6B app?
    Use two fingers to rotate the wheel. Spread your index finger and your thumb as if you would pinch the size of the screen and rotate it.
  • Is the Helicopter Training Software no longer available?
    Gyronimo no longer offers the Helicopter Maneuver Guide, the Preflight Guide and the Aerodynamics Guide online training software. The Helicopter Aerodynamics iPad app however, is still available via the Apple App Store. Please go to the "Other Products" site to learn more. You can still buy the online training software through our partner Mauna Loa Helicopters flight school in Hawaii. Please just follow this link: If you have purchased training software through our website in the past and are now having problems with your online access, please contact our support team via email:
  • Do your apps run on Android and Windows?
    We have plans for operating systems other than iOS but for now we prefer to concentrate on IOS and make the best possible software for that platform, rather than spread our resources and create products on multiple formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

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