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Welcome to Gyronimo

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Gyronimo provides the most advanced helicopter weight & balance and performance software in use by thousands of professional pilots. We serve HEMS, law enforcement, offshore and utility operators worldwide. Our portfolio also includes modules for flight planning, risk assessment, dispatch, as well as custom app programming.

Gyronimo released the world's first W&B and performance app in the Apple App Store in 2012. As of 2022 Gyronimo sold 250,000 apps, created over 150 custom apps and provides procucts for more than 200 clients with over 1200 turbine helicopters and fixed wing aircraft registered. 

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Private Aviation

Private pilots, students, flight instructors, helicopter & fixed wing
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Business Aviation

Special Missions, Air Ambulance,  Airborne Law Enforcement, Charter

The Performance Pad

Each Performance Pad was designed especially for one particular aircraft model and variant, both helicopter and fixed-wing.

Users particularly appreciate the appealing and detailed user interface of the Performance Pad, as well as the simple and intuitive operation.

Download the app, enter individual aircraft data, and off you go.

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Tim Tucker app series

Back in 2014 Tim Tucker, Robinson Helicopter Company’s chief instructor, and Claus Richter, founder of Gyronimo, LLC teamed together to produce a series of new weight & balance and performance apps for the Robinson R22, R44, and R66.

The apps were built on the already popular Performance Pad apps, developed by Gyronimo, but added the insights and knowledge of Robinson’s well-known chief instructor. 

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E6B, R44 Hotstart, Hover Game

In addition to the Performance Pad app series, Gyronimo offers other useful and sophisticated iPad applications for pilots. Our most successful product is our E6B Pro Pad, a digital flight computer.

Together with Robinson Helicopters we developed the R66 Cockpit Trainer, a great tool to avoid hot starts and make yourself familiar with the startup process of the Robinson R66 turbine helicopter. 

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Flight Pad with In-App-Purchase

There are already 80 standard aircraft available in our library with more on the way. Download Flight Pad today, select your aircraft and check them out - it's all free of charge.

You can then purchase the appropriate category to unlock all features and increase your fleet. 


Flight Pad with PRO Account

Whether HEMS, VIP or Utility, with Flight Pad PRO we can create any interior configuration according to your specifications. 

Flight Pad PRO can compute any performance chart from your operating handbook. Also engine power checks, helicopter CAT-A and PC2 computations can be integrated.


Fleet Control database management

All Flight Pad PRO are connected to our online cloud service called Fleet Control. In Fleet Control you can manage aircraft-, crew and equipment lists as well as documents, risk assessments and engine data.

Custom app solutions

Sometimes the perfect solution can be hard to find. If you have been struggling with finding a solution that meets all your requirements, Gyronimo's customized app development could just be the end of your search.

Gyronimo is specialized in customized software development and EFB solutions for Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA), Airborne Law Enforcement (ALE), Aerial Work, Offshore Operations, Business Aviation and Tour Operators.

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We design unique apps for your individual requirements. No matter if you have only a single aircraft or an entire fleet. 

Rescue helicopter flying in the mountains
Gyronimo performance Pad CAT-A computation

Our clients:

Gyronimo clients
Cessna C172 flying in clouds
Flight Pad app + Cessna C172
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