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UHI Helicopters integrating Performance Pad into Flight Training

Gyronimo is very proud to support Universal Helicopters (UHI) to ensure their operations can run as smoothly as possible. Universal Helicopters operates a fleet of over 50 aircraft, of which they have integrated the Gyronimo Performance Pads for the R22, R44 Raven and R44 Raven II.

We have been lucky enough to receive some feedback from Universal Helicopters on how their operations run and how they use Gyronimo products to assist with their procedures.

“We are among just a few Flight Schools that operate at high density altitudes. We have school locations at Prescott Love Field (5000ft MSL), and at Provo Municipal Airport (4500ft MSL) with training area density altitudes of 7000ft and 8000ft consistently through the summer months.”

In addition to Weight & Balance, the Performance Pad assists greatly with the calculations of IGE and OGE hover limitations, which can be incredibly important when flying at such high density altitudes.

“We have a fleet of over 50 helicopters and require a 91.103 check before every instructional flight of which weight & balance and other performance limitation calculations are required.

The Performance Pads are a great tool and we require all our instructors and students to use them, although, it is a requirement for Private students to be totally familiar with the traditional methods for W&B and Performance calculations from the POH before using the Performance Pads.”

Once training and theory is understood, the Performance Pad can greatly increase the efficiency of any high, medium or low volume Flight School operations and streamline reporting.

“Having a documented W&B for each flight is a discipline that is part of our Standard Operating Procedures and this is easily prepared directly from [the Gyronimo] applications.”

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