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Apple VPP program will be shut down for good on December 1, 2020

In 2018, Apple introduced the Apple Business Manager Program to manage custom apps. So far, however, it was still possible to purchase and download custom apps as usual via the Volume Purchase Program for Business (VPP).

Apple has now announced that the VPP program will be shut down for good on December 1, 2020:

This decision has no influence on apps that have already been downloaded and live on your iPads. But if you want to buy a new Gyronimo app in the future, e.g. for additional iPads or because you have a new Apple ID, you have to do this via the Apple Business Manager.

The registration in the Apple Business Manager (ABM) is free, but it takes a few days until your account is checked and approved by Apple. As soon as this is done, please send us the Organization Name and Organization ID that you will receive when you register. With this information we can then load your Gyronimo app into your ABM account.

Alternatively, you can also invite existing VPP users into the Apple Business Manager Program.

When you click on the question mark in the upper right corner of the Apple Business Manager website you will be redirected to the complete Apple Business Manager User Guide.

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